Every incident can cost you time and money but Virtual Guard 365 CCTV systems can deter thieves,      reduce down time and remove disruption allowing you to get on with business.

Virtual Guard 365’s advanced CCTV and IP systems provide a wholistic approach to your CCTV and      security requirements. Our consultative approach to your site management needs ensures that every      system achieves the individual client requirements.

Our Virtual Guard 365 CCTV systems can be viewed remotely on a mobile device or PC allowing you to stay connected with your business wherever you are in the world. Every system can also be equipped with     motion detection for remote monitoring so SmartWatch can respond to an intruder while you’re away. SmartWatch Solutions’ 24 hour customer support ensures that you have direct access to our team    whenever you need it.

With a maintenance and monitoring contract from SmartWatch you know that your business is always being supported. Our technical support team can provide remote assistance to your staff for a fast response and our dedicated engineering team provides direct customer support nationwide.