Concierge & Building Managers

A residential high-rise or office building is a community of its own with unique reception and safety needs for both residents and visitors. SmartWatch aim to go beyond simple duties and work closely with you to develop a Concierge or Building Manager package for your community, taking pride in being flexible and responsive to the property management companies and residents we serve. Our first priority is to help maintain a safe and secure environment for your residents and tenants so we work closely with your team to customize a security concierge program that meets your community’s security and lifestyle needs. Our Property management personnel perform many functions including:

  • Control building access
  • Monitoring of security systems
  • Receive packages and deliveries
  • Assist and monitor contractors whilst on site
  • Dealing with small maintenance issues
  • Monitor visitor parking
  • Deal with complaints
  • Respond and manage fire and other emergency alarms
  • Patrol common areas, including parking and amenities
  • Write daily shift and incident reports to log all common area problems and other unusual occurrences

Smartwatch Solutions are trained to provide superior service and are licensed security guards regulated by the Security Industry Authority.